Hiking in the Swedish High Mountains  

This page contains mostly of short stories from the hikings I attended in the Swedish High Mountains "Svenska fjällen".

It started with a mountain hike with school in the fall of 1989. After that it took five years before I was back again. The trip in 1994 to Kebnekaise really got me hooked on mountain hiking, but because of lack of time and companions to tag along, I only got to go every two years. But the last years I have gone on a trip every year. Hopefully I will keep this trend. This year I went on two summer hikes (no pictures yet) and my first wintertrip!

Abisko 1989

Kebnekaise 1994

Rapadalen, Sarek 1996

Kebnekaise 1998

Lönndörren 1999

Treriksröset 2000
Gothenburg - Three Border Junction - Gothenburg in four days!
Three Border Junction

Stora Sjöfallet/Padjelanta 2001

Marsfjällen 2002

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