Celebrating the new Millenium in Israel (PAGE 1)
On this page I will tell the story about when Malin and I went to Israel. Since I took alot of pictures and I have not scanned them all yet, I will keep on adding them to this page..... Last change September 1:th 2000. I think I´m pretty much done now! Also because of the downloadtime (if You are using a modem as I do) I have split up this page into smaller pages.


After intermediate landing in Frankfurt, we landed in Tel-Aviv where Ulf and Camilla picked me and Malin up at the airport. Quite a change in temperature compared to Sweden, although Camilla thought it was cold!!!


The first morning in Jerusalem. Malin, Camilla and I went for a walk towards the Old City of Jerusalem. Here we are at Liberty Bell Park.

Looking up at the wall that surronds the Old City. The weather was really nice, it could not had started better.
Davids tower. This is from inside of the Citadelle which was quite well preserved.
Doom of the Rock. Looking down from the Citadelle we got a great view over the Old City. In the middle is The Doom of the Rock.
After the Citadelle we went looking for the Church of the Holy Sepulcre, and with Camilla as our guide we found it quite easily. Here we are going through the Sok. Narrow streets with small shops everywhere.

Here are some pictures from inside of the Church of the Holy Sepulcre.


Down below: Malin at the place where Jesus got his last unction.