SAAB 900 Turbo 1980.

Min första SAAB, en 5 dörrars combi-coupe. En turbo som köptes nere i Jönköpingstarkten. Sista årsmodellen med B motorn. Hade orginal 145 hk men denna var uppskrämd med vatteninsprutning. Toppen sprack efter ett tag, denna byttes och såldes strax efter. Köpt 1990, såld 1991.

My first SAAB. A 1980 900 Turbo. 5 door, silver metallic color. Had the B engine, which originally had 145hp. This one had water injection and increased turbo pressure which gave approximately 170hp. The cylinder head broke after a while, which was a common trouble with the early 900´s. Shortly after I fixed it, I sold the car.