Padjelanta 2001


Tthe second day of the hike. The weather was still very nice, sunny and clearblue sky.

"Mother" Akka always present. During tha first two days this mountain was almost always viewable.

Looking back at the foot-bridge we just passed. The country side was very flat at this part.
Kutjaure Sameviste, Kutjaure Lapplander Village at the Kutjaure lake. There was a boat transport across this lake, which would save time, but we were in no hurry, so we walked around it.
Lunchtime with view towards Tsågahavrrelake.
In the middle of the quite flat countryside there was a ridge, which I guess is a consequence of the ice age.
Oskar on the way over the first one of the thtree bridges at Louhppal. This one is also the longest...
Still the first one, but from a different view.
Having a late dinner at the campsite. When the night fell, so did the temperature. It got quite cold.