Padjelanta 2001


Kutjaure STF cabin.

Sitting outside the cabin resting before we would contine. From here it was a quite steep climb until we would reach a plateau.

The morning of the 26:th. Preparing for the day-trip up to the top of Gasskatjåhkkå (1130). This time we had made camp just above the lake Guossjájávrre.

My shadow is NOT planned :o)

Almost on the top of Gasskatjåhkkå we saw the first raindeers. There were alot of them, but they ran avay when we got closer...and I left my telezoom in the tent. Oh well, I have seen reindeers before...

Me on the way down from the top.
Looking back towards the way we came. This is up on the plateau between the mountainsides Gasskatjåhkka/Boalnotjåhkkå and Siebertjåhkka/Skájdetjåhkkå.
Back at Akkajaure again. From here it was a very step climb downward.

Vaisaloukta sameviste Kyrkkåta, Lapplander church of Vaisaloukta Lapplander village. The one to the right were the old original one. The left one were built during tha last years. Shortly after we left this place the first raindrops came.
The last place were we put up the tent. Just above the Vaisaloukta STF cabin.

Oskar writing his trip-diary in the tent.


On our way back we saw a rock that had fallen of the mountain and blocked the road. We had passed this part on the way up, but never noticed it. Instead of removing the rock, they had made a new road beside it.

We continude our trip bach arrived in Luleå late in the evening. On tuesday the 28:th we got back on the train that would take us back to Gothenburg.